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    Mitsubishi BC-10 Camera (light weight mini camera)
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    Mitsubishi BC-10 Camera (light weight mini camera)

    Item #BC-10

    The light weight BC-10 camera is equipped with a high resolution image to supplement the 130 degree horizontal and 96 degree vertical camera range thus providing a clear image to enable safe reversing.  The BC-10 camera features low light operation, is super compact, small and unobtrusive.  The BC-10 is a cost effective solution for your reversing camera needs.  Suitable for Business vans, small trucks, caravans, motor homes, utilities and four wheel drive.
    Supply voltage
    12 VDC
    Current consumption
    Approx. 150mA or lower
    Output image
    Mirror image
    Image element
    1/4 type coloured CCD image
    Number of effective pixels
    Approx. 270 thousand pixels
    Lens part
    Focal distance f=1.6mm   Brightness F=2.8mm
    Angle of field
    Approx. Horizontal 125`, Vertical 96`
    Usable temperature range -20 ~ +65`C
    External dimensions (WxHxD)
    27 x 27 x 26mm (main unit only)
    32g (main unit only)
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