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    Mitsubishi C-4010 camera
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    Mitsubishi C-4010 camera

    Item #C-4010

    The C-4010 Colour Camera is a high resolution, super wide angle camera.  Encased in an aluminum die cast casing, this camera is extremely robust and waterproof.  The camera image can be easily changed from the rear view to forward facing view via a small switch on the rear side of the camera housing.  The C-4010 Colour Camera has outstanding low light capabilities operating down to 0.5 light lux and is extremely reliable even in high vibration environments.  This camera is specifically designed for Heavy Duty applications such as mining and heavy industrial usage.  A narrow and super narrow camera is also available.  As with all Mitsubishi cameras and Monitors the C-4010 camera carries a 12 month warranty.
    Supplied with a sturdy mounting bracket and bolts.
    Signal type
    NTSC  (PAL version of C-4010 available)
    Enclosure casing
    Aluminium die-cast
    Imaging element
    1/3inch CCD (510H x 492V)
    Lens f=2.00mm, F=2.0mm
    Field of view
    Horizontal 125deg, Vertical 100deg
    External dimensions (WxHxD)
    92 x 40 x 40.7mm  (main unit only)
    Operating luminance
    0.5 ~ 100,000lux
    Weight Approx. 180g (main unit only)
    Vibration & shock
    JIS D1601   110m/s2    5 ~ 100Hz
    Usable temperature range
    -15 ~ +50`C
    Waterproofing standard
    JIS D 0203 rank S2 (14.7MPa high pressure wash)
    Colour Medium metallic grey
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