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    Mitsubishi CM-6000 Monitor
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    Mitsubishi CM-6000 Monitor

    Item #CM-6000

    The CM-6000 Mitsubishi Monitor is a high quality 6.1-inch LCD monitor which comes with a selection of mounting brackets available.  It can be dashboard mounted or roof mounted as a rear view mirror replacement.  Its a dual camera input monitor with the extra option of an external video input.  The CM-600 monitor carries a 12 month warranty.
    Signal type
    NTSC/PAL (automatic detection)
    Display element
    6.1-inch TFT LCD (16.9)
    Stand-by (SB/ON) mode switch
    dimmer (DIM) switch
    back light compensation (NOR/BLC) switch
    true/mirror image switching
    Camera input
    2 cameras + aux-input
    Power supply
    12 / 24 VDC
    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    168 x 114 x 33.6mm (monitor only)
    Weight Approx. 368g (monitor only)
    Vibration & Shock
    JIS D1601  45m/s2   5 to 100Hz
    Usable temperature range
    0 ~ +50`C
    Colour Dark metallic grey
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