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    RVS-6400 Monitor
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    RVS-6400 Monitor

    Item #RVS-6400

    The RVS-6400 is a 6.4inch colour LCD Monitor with inbuilt screen splitter which splits the display into dual, triple or quad camera images.  The crystal clear LCD display is housed in a durable aluminum body where up to 4 camera can be connected directly into the camera ports on the monitor.  With trigger wires for each camera, on screen distance indicators for the reverse camera and camera cycling display feature.  The screw connectors in the camera ports ensure secure cable connections to the monitor and automatic brightness control adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient light.  The RVS-6400 Monitor is a purpose built Heavy Duty monitor designed specifically for Mining and Heavy industrial usage.
    Supplied with a sturdy metal cradle mounting bracket, thumbs screws, bracket fixing screws, sunvisor and power harness.
    Signal Type
    NTSC/PAL (dual auto detection)
    Display element
    6.4inch diagonal TFT
    Inbuilt light sensor
    MULTI - multi-division display, screen split function
    NOR/BLC - exposure compensation switch
    SB/ON - monitor display select switch
    Brightness, contrast adjustments
    Day/Auto back light compensation settings
    colour, tint adjustments
    On screen distance markers in reverse
    Inbuilt screen splitter & circuit breaker
    Camera input
    3 cameras, 4th camera via EXT VIDEO input
    Power supply
    12/24 VDC
    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    189 x 129 x 55.0mm (monitor only)
    Usable temp range
    0~ + 50`C
     Vibration & shock
    JIS D1601  45m/s2  10~100Hz
    Weight Approx 0.9Kg (monitor only)
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