Greensight GS2 Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection System

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Collision prevention systems have proved their effectiveness in the field as they reduce the chance of injuries and damages and make the work less stressful for the operator.  The GS2 system is both an active and passive warning system.  By using ultrasonic technology and high quality calculation software this system is highly reliable and accurate, even in bad weather conditions and darkness.

  The GS2 unit uses ultrasonic sound to monitor an area of up to 7 meters behind the machine.  The area has been divided into 3 zones, each with its own clearly recognizable visual and sound alerts.

  As either a stand alone system or integrated with our camera system the Greensight II guarantees rear obstacle detection in the off road and on road sectors.


    Increased safety for people and objects behind vehicles

    Extra camera for blind spot detection (option)

    Detection area behind the vehicle can be set accurately

    Less stress and more comfort for the driver

    No automatic brake intervention, the driver remains in control

    Ultrasonic detection also functions in bad weather conditions and darkness

    Professional reliable technology

    Less damage resulting in less downtime



Attention Zone 1

1.7m to 3m

Danger Zone 2

0.7m to 1.7m

Immediate Collision Zone 3

0m to 0.7m



Minimum Dimension of Object

75mm diameter


DIN75031, EMC ‘E’ and CE Mark